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Hi I’m meagan!

“My passion is guiding women towards their wellness & lifestyle goals that will serve them long term and allow for the ebbs and flows of life! I do this by holding a space for accountability & community so they can take consistent steps towards their goals and commit to moving their bodies, fuelling it well and continued personal growth.”

My Story

I grew up as a competitive dancer in Hamilton, Ontario with my parents and two younger sisters. I found yoga after suffering a knee injury. While going through the surgical & rehabilitation process, I was prompted to find a form of fitness I could take on at my own pace. This particular time in my life proved to be eye-opening as I learned about the body’s healing process, the benefits of eating mindfully and the different forms of fitness outside of my career as a dancer.

After graduating from Sheridan College with a certification in Performance Arts in 2015, I found herself suffering from anxiety regularly which lead me down the path of seeking more holistic solutions. I sought out mentors in the wellness industry and started implementing healthier routines for exercise and eating. This is how I came to find yoga at In Fine Feather Yoga in 2015 and found a lifelong commitment to my mat! I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training the following year at IFF in 2016. It was the same year I found home workouts and was encouraged to dig into personal development & entrepreneurship.

I’ve gone on to study meditation and personal development more deeply, following a certification in exercise nutrition and personal training. I found a passion in building a groundwork with pillars in fitness, nutrition, and wellness within my own life, inspiring me regularly to share this practice with others. I began my online coaching business in 2016 with Team Beachbody opening many doors of opportunities and a community of like-minded individuals. I am constantly inspired by the numerous conferences and trainings I attend to further my own education and fuel my curiosity for knowledge, community and accountability practices. I’ve hosted dozens of online challenges in small groups as well as offering 1:1 coaching & mentoring.

Presently, I continue to coach clients through my virtual studio and mentor new coaches to grow a business they love. I teach yoga & meditation in Hamilton, Ontario as well as working closely with the owner of In Fine Feather Yoga as the assistant manager. These experiences have allowed me to connect with wellness leaders in the local and online community and provide me the skills to guide and navigate clients confidently towards their goals.

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When I’m not typing away on my laptop, teaching classes or mentoring clients, I love to read, dance at a country concert or stay in with my cat, Missy.

I cherish my quality time with my niece Lesley and sisters, Courtney and Abigail. Whenever I’m needing encouragement, I call up my parents or go for coffee with them.

I’m a latte lover and super curious about astrology in my downtime. My soul thrives outside at the beach or walking along the trails exploring nature.

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