My Tips For Continued Motivation Past the New Year Excitement

We are officially past the shininess of the new year. Many people will have forgot what their resolutions are or given up on their goals. But not us. We are just getting started.

January hasn’t even ended yet and I have already encountered a bunch of struggles and obstacles. Earlier in the month, my energy was subsiding and the vision I had made for myself began to adjust. I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar and if you haven’t, you will. The Universe sends us lessons when we least expect them.

So here are my strategies for keeping the motivation and fire burning long into 2019. Even with the bumps along the road.

Get clear on your core desired feelings.


If you haven’t heard of Danielle Laporte and The Desire Map, you must be new here. I’ve spent many hours pouring over her books, scrawling notes in the margins and this year, I’ve chosen to invest in her Desire Map Planner. After following her process, I’ve landed on four feelings that I want to live into this coming year. Danielle Laporte calls these your core desired feelings and believes that following these feelings will bring you into alignment with your true goals instead of assuming your goals will make you feel a certain way.

My core desired feelings for 2019….





Now use these at mantras. Write them on a sticky note where you’ll read it everyday. I try to say them in my head every morning before I’ve got out of bed, “I feel radiant. I feel free-spirited. I feel connected. I feel self-assured.” And when I forget, the sticky note in my bathroom reminds me.

A morning & evening ritual.

I’ll be honest I’m way better at my morning ritual than my evening. And this takes time to carefully curate into something that gets your mind, body and soul ready for the day or ready for a restful sleep. My mornings involve meditation, journaling, the Start Today Journal, taking vitamins, blending up my superfood smoothie and listening to a podcast as I make coffee, prioritize my tasks for the day, etc. I definitely have to wake up earlier to start my day. I use to workout every morning but I’m not currently in that same season. I’m sure I’ll work myself back into it soon but for now I’ve found afternoon workouts or yoga flows to be a lovely way to break up the day.

Pick one dream to make progress on daily.


Gosh this is a hard one for me. I’m generally someone with a hand on many projects at once, trying to manage my time and fulfil too high expectations of myself. It’s always ended up with me feeling incredibly anxious and dealing with brain fog for days. This is a tricky one to navigate because it requires a trust in The Universe, God, whoever & whatever you believe. A complete surrendering that if it’s meant for you in this season of life, it’ll feel so good; you’ll be in flow and your core desired feeling will be in motion. This lesson has taught me that little steps every single day towards that BIG dream are so important and it eases my anxiety every time. Even launching this blog must a passion project and one that had to take a front seat to my other goals. But I knew that once the blog launched and I had created a habit of posting, I could allow it to continue on with ease while I make strides on something else.

Move your body & quiet your mind daily.

Meditate for 10 minutes, roll out your yoga mat, take a workout class, press play at home, go for a run, walk your dog, draw, colour, go on a hike, etc. Whatever invites your mind, body and soul to feel connected and taken care of! It’s a necessary act of self care and gets easier when it becomes a habit.


And lastly…

I hope you’ll join me on the FIRST week of each month, LIVE between 8-8:30am EST on my Instagram. Grab your morning cup of coffee or tea, tune in while you get ready for the day or when you need a dose of inspiration. I call it #EveryMorningWithMeag